Hua Hin Gym - Powerfit 102

                      POWERFIT 102 is CLOSED, why? 

Because of a few factors; One was we had many issues with our landlord, we had a 3 year lease and after 1 year, he decided to take the building back and break the contract so he cut off our electricity. Keeping our 150,000THB deposit as well.... we could take him to court, but our lawyer didn't encourage this as he said if he really wants you out, he can just shoot you.... yes meaning kill me. This is Thailand where life is cheap and foreigners are even cheaper. After moving out, they actually did kill one of two Soi Dogs we had been taking care of for the past 8 months, he was still a puppy about 1.5 years old, and knew our gym to be his home.

Unfortunately, we could not take them with us as we already have two dogs and two cats.... we went back daily to feed them and he never came around, we thought he must have went to a neighbors house and they were taking care of him.... a week later, the workers next door, showed us his dead body, lying in a drainage ditch. I got him out and we buried him the next day. We found the other dog and brought him to our house because the landlord was trying to catch him to kill him.... fortunately, he is smart enough to run when he saw them and when we found him next door, he came to us crying..... we took him home with us and are keeping him safe now. This is a message and something that still haunts me today. You can read the whole story on our Facebook page;

The second factor was it was difficult meeting the number of members required to pay for all the bills each month, so we had to add money each month to cover everything and soon it became a drain. Because our gym was a real training gym, and here in Hua Hin, it is basically a retirement town, people are interested in living a slow and easy life. Between the drinking and unhealthy eating of most people here, we had only a small group of core members who loved to train and loved our gym.... but not enough to meet the overhead. We didn't have Air Conditioning, or many sit down machines for people to act like they are doing something. We trained in Functional Fitness/Circuit Traing and had a full Free Weights GYM, with Yoga as well. But still, most people here just want to socialize and sit down to get a pump.... not really train for better health. 

So we were forced to close. We thought we had joined with a new group of people who were going to open a completely new gym with us, bigger and better, with an air conditioned indoor health club with new machines as well as still offer our Functional Fitness Training/Circuit Training outdoor course for those who love to train Crossfit style and really create a great gym that met everyone's needs. With a bigger Yoga/Dance/Class room, etc.... but again, for reasons only they really know, they were words and promises that turned into air. They were not able to actualize their agreements so it could not happen.

So now we are out of business except for a few corporate classes each week and a few yoga classes Cate is teaching at our home. We are deeply saddened about this and miss all of our dedicated members and returning members, as many come and go back to their home country each year and were planning on coming back especially for Fitness Vacations.

We will keep you updated on any progress and continue to keep our site up and running for now as we try and figure things out.

Thank you all for your support and understanding, we appreciate it and hope to return someday soon. If any one wants any Personal Training or to do small Yoga classes, you can contact us and we can set something up for you. Please also continue to watch our Facebook page; as I update that more often. 

In Health and Well Being, Dean and Cate Scott.

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