OUR NEW GYM; POWERFIT 102 has been open now since Sept 16th. 2013

We have moved our beach gym, Life Balance Fitness Center from Dolphin Bay Beach to Hua Hin. So If you’re looking on google for Hua Hin Gyms then POWERFIT 102 will be there and is located on Soi 102, about 1.5 km from Petchakasem Rd,  the main road going through Hua Hin. Now there is a very convenient u-turn at Soi 104 if you’re coming from the north. Just make the U-turn and quickly get to the left, you’ll see street signs for Soi 104, 102/1 and then just past the small 7-11, is Soi 102. A rather small entrance for a road but after you pass the Railroad tracks a few meters down, it opens up into a real street. About 1km down the Soi 102, you’ll see a rather large blue and white sign that read’s “Milford Estate Development”, we’re about 300 meters past the bend in the road on the left.. We are now in a larger, 3 story triple shop house.

The first floor is now our Functional Training gym area, along with the outside parking lot we use for Functional Training stations, the front desk and Protein/juice bar area. The Second floor is now dedicated with a full range of Free weights and machines, making it a more complete Free Weight gym, for those who love to lift weights and use more conventional machines. We added a lat pulldown/low row combination selecterized machine, a leg extension, a prone leg curl machine and fixed Hammersthrength rubberized barbells from 10kgs-50kgs. We also now have a set of rubberized plates up to 165kgs. for those who like to lift heavy, Body Build and sculpt their bodies using Free Weights.

The third floor is divided into two sections. The largest is for the Yoga Studio and  then a single Re-habilitation/massage office. We have 3 bathrooms on the 2nd. floor, with showers in each. Two Bathrooms with showers in the Yoga Studio and one in the Re-hab. Massage office. 2 bathrooms on the first floor without showers. They are large enough to change in as well. POWERFIT 102 is a GYM, not a health club like most Hua hin gyms, so no fancy locker rooms and such, although we do have private lockers with individual keys for the safe keeping of your belongings while you are training.

We renamed the gym to POWERFIT 102 for a more fitting reflection of our intentions, ideals and hope for people to obtain fitness and health through High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT has been proven to develop more overall power and strength using full body weight movements and exercises, it also strengthen’s the ligaments and tendons of the joints so that less injury occurs. It challenges the body and mind to go through mental and physical barriers and limitations, and is a lot of fun too….. like playing when we were kids.

We love it here in Hua Hin, our new home is only about 3 minutes from our new gym!! And although we loved it in Dolphin Bay, and it is great for a few days of vacation and relaxing, it wasn’t a place for a gym of our nature. We had some exceptional guests from time to time, many you can see in our gallery, but it wasn’t a place that could sustain our business. We had many people from Hua Hin and Bangkok asking us to please move to Hua Hin and open our type of gym here. People were bored with the conventional room full of machines, with no other interest in their members other than to sell memberships.

We take a personal interest in each of our members and know all by name. We teach and instruct you in your training sessions so that you learn how and why Functional Training is so important to your everyday life. All included in the membership!

And then, when you are ready, we teach you more and help move you through to your next level……and keep teaching you so that you are never bored or concerned that you don’t know what to do. Results are a natural part of the training….. it is not the goal to look a certain way, or be of a certain level of fitness. It is consistency  and EFFORT that will keep you training and becoming healthy in body and mind. Then the results are just there for you and everyone to see, which is less body fat, more lean muscle, more of your natural form and shape. Which really results in power and endurance, and a well balanced fit body.

Please call 090 368 2284 (English) or 090 368 9297,or 086 750 6716, (Thai and English) for more information. The direct number to the gym is 032 900 533. Hours are Monday-Thursday; 8am.-8pm. Friday; 8am.-7pm. Saturday; 9am.-1:00pm. Closed on Sundays.

We will adjust our hours in the future to reflect demand. Closing later and opening earlier when needed.

At POWERFIT 102 gym, you will get the guidance, and motivation to insure your results. We train everyone that joins in how to exercise having fun with Functional Training on a first come first serve basis….. we will soon be having Functional Training/BootCamp style classes which will be announced in the near future. POWERFIT 102 is the only gym for Functional Fitness Training. It is similar to CrossFIt and Crossfitters are certainly welcome to train here, in fact we are the only gym in Hua Hin where Crossfitters can train in the same fashion. But we are not a CrossFit Box….. we are Functional Fitness Center with a free weight room as well as a yoga studio. Above all else, we teach form and function, and are strict with technique and safety. Our goal is a fit, well balanced and healthy body and mind for each of our members.

We also have a full class schedule of Yoga now as my wife, Cate has returned from India with her certification to teach  Mysore Astanga Vinyasa Yoga. Her class schedule can be found on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/powerfit102 and here on our website.

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook as we update it almost daily.


Thank you,

Dean and Cate Scott